2018 Skunk Works GOLF LEAGUE






                   WHERE:        Rancho Vista Golf Course & Antelope Valley Country Club

                   WHEN:           Tuesday or Wednesday nights beginning March 27, 2018

                   LENGTH:       XX weeks of actual league play due to mini tournaments & Holiday Weeks & number of teams in the league)

                   TIME:             First Tee Time: ~3:45 PM






There will be one league consisting of up to TBD two-person teams.  The objective is to accumulate as many points as possible to receive the season’s top honors and to qualify for the League Championship Tournament.  The top 8 teams at the end of the season according to the standings qualify.


The League Championship Tournament will be an 18-hole stroke play event.  Exact details will be determined the week before the event.  

The lowest handicap that each player achieved after the 5th week of the season will be used in the Championship Tournament.


Two mini tournaments are scheduled during the season.  The formats will be as follows:

·         TBD – Two-man best ball

·         TBD – Individual three-club 




Normal League play will be weekly from March 27 through September.   Each team will play all the other teams picked by our League Management Software. Each player is responsible for checking his/her schedule. Teams may be scheduled on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  The first group tees-off at 3:45p.m., subsequent groups will tee-off at seven or eight -minute intervals.  The League will alternate weekly play between R.V. and AVCC


The League Championship is scheduled for Tuesday (9-holes) and Wednesday (9-holes), Dates are TBD 





The competition format has stroke and match play components. Each team must designate an “A player” and a “B player” at the beginning of the season.  The lower-handicap player is the “A player.”  Players will not switch from “A” to “B” once season starts even though the “B” players handicap may become lower than the “A” Players during the season.  For Stroke Play purposes, a team’s score is the sum of each member’s Net Score.  


Awarded Points:

Match play:

Match Play Competition


Team 1 overall low net vs Team 2 overall low net


Team 1 Player A net vs Team 2 Player A net


Team 1 Player B net vs Team 2 Player B net




Total Match Play Points Per Hole


Total Match Play Points Per 9 Holes



Stroke Play:

2 points per number of teams defeated during the week of play and 1 point per number of teams tied.
The maximum points possible for team stroke play is based on the total teams in the league (2 points for each defeated teams).


The maximum points available per week are (2 x total # of teams) + 108 (match). 


It is imperative that each team gets a substitute for any missing player.  No-Shows will be handled as follows:


If there is a substitute score available that week, the league manager will replace the no-show player with a substitute.

If not, every missing player is replaced by a “Ghost” zero-handicap substitute whose NET score is 1 over par on the 5 hardest holes and par on the 4 easiest holes (41).  The Ghost sub earns points for the player being replaced and included in the teams points for the weeks match. 


Awarded points will be tracked for the season and will determine the overall standing.




a)        Maximum handicap for 9 holes will be 20 for women and 18 for men. 

b)        For returning players, initial handicaps will be based on whatever the computer provides from last year’s league.  First time players' handicaps will be established in one of two ways:


·           By entering practice score(s) in the computer played by the new player(s).

·           By using the Modified Peoria System of handicapping described below:

Modified Peoria System
The League Committee secretly selects a par-3 hole, a par-5 hole and two par-4 holes on the first round of play.  The player’s handicap is the sum of the strokes-over-par on the secret holes multiplied by 1.4 (Note: the par-4 holes will be counted twice).  The maximum score is triple bogey on par-3s and par-4s, and quadruple bogey on par-5s.


c)         After the first week (or first time subbed) and everyone has established handicaps, handicaps will be maintained according to the USGA 9 hole Handicap System.  Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) will be used per the USGA as follows:

USGA/SCGA Equitable Stroke Control (2001)


Course Handicap

Max Score on

Par 3

Max Score on

Par 4

Max Score on

Par 5

4 or less




5 through 9




10 through 14




15 through 19




20 or more





5.       SCORING


a)        Custom-printed scorecards will be used.  Enter the gross (actual) score for the hole on the scorecard.

b)        Scorecards must be signed by all the players and dropped into the League Box.  The box will be found in the pro shop.

c)         For handicapping purposes, actual scores per hole should be entered on the scorecards.  The computer will automatically adjust for Equitable Stroke Control.

6.       RULES OF PLAY


a)       Rules of play will be in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf as augmented by the AVCC Course Local Rules and the Additional Skunk Works Golf League Local Rules below. The Rules Committee will handle all disputes.  Any rule deviations applicable to the league will be noted on the pre-printed scorecards.

b)       Reschedule:
It is the team’s responsibility to re-schedule. Teams are allowed to re-schedule their play any time before Friday of the scheduled week of play.  Because of Match Play scoring, each team must re-schedule together with their opponents for the week.  Failure to turn in a scorecard will result in zero points for the week.

c)       Substitutes:

·         Substitute players are welcome and encouraged to fill in to make foursomes.  Substitutes must be registered in the league through LERC, and are not required to pay the entry fee.  Arranging for a substitute will be the responsibility of the player needing a sub.  A substitute list will be distributed with the league roster.

·         New substitute players will not be allowed during the last three weeks of play.  A substitute player can become a permanent replacement member of a team prior to the last three weeks of league play.  The team is required to notify the league administrator of the change.

·         A player on one team cannot substitute on any other team.

·         A sub may only sub once each single week match. 

d)       Additional Skunk Works Golf League Local Rules

·         Deep Rough Lateral Hazard Rule:
If your ball ends up in deep rough (whether you can find it or not) where the rough is longer than 6 inches (let the group give you their best judgment),  you may treat the area as a lateral hazard.  You may drop your ball one club from the nearest point of relief – not closer to the hole - for a penalty of one stroke.  There is no penalty if you choose to play your ball as it lies in the rough and unlike in a real Hazard, you may ground your club.

·         Lost Ball Rule:
A “Lost Ball” will incur a one-stroke penalty and be played as a lateral.  Rather than returning to the previous spot, the teams will mutually decide approximately where the ball was lost and the player will drop at the approximate “lost ball” point.  If the teams cannot agree as to the approximate location of the ball, the player must return to the original spot and re-hit. 

·         Ball Thought to be In-Bounds but Found Out-Of-Bounds Rule:
Follow the same procedures as in the Lost Ball Rule except incurring a two-stroke penalty.

·         The maximum score for any player on any given hole is 5 over par
In order to speed up play, a player may “pick up” when it is obvious his/her score on a hole will be at least 5 over par.  Anytime a player picks up or quits playing a hole, his/her score is 5 over par for that hole.

·         Sanded or Punched Greens:
Play aerated greens as normal greens:  putt out or accept opponent’s concession of putt.

·         Late Arrivals and Injuries:
If a player is unable to start and play a hole due to late arrival or injury, enter a score of par plus hole handicap plus one additional strokes.  Example; if a players handicap is 9, first hole score will be 6, [par (4) plus handicap for hole (1) plus two (1)]

·         Tournament-approved Rangefinders and GPS Caddies are allowed.  Distance determined from these devices is considered simple factual information; therefore, sharing of the information with anyone is allowed.

·         Men will play from the Blue tees, and women will play from the TBD tees.

e)       Equipment:

·         Only USGA-approved clubs are permitted

·         The 14-club rule is in effect. Warm-up and/or training devices such as heavy clubs don’t count towards the 14-club limit provided they are not used to strike a ball during the round.

·         Balls: any brand (even X-outs) is permitted, no range balls.



Prizes will be distributed at the Awards Banquet on November, XX, 2018 (after the championship round).  The following are the prizes that will be given out:

1)       2018 League Tournament Champions

2)       2018 League Tournament Runner Up

3)       Regular Season 1st Place

4)       Regular Season 2nd Place

5)       Regular Season 3rd Place

6)       Regular Season 4th Place

7)       Low Handicap

8)       Most Improved

9)       Super Sub

10)   Others – as funds permit.


Teams that drop out during the season or who fail to compete during the last three weeks of play are not eligible for prizes.


The League Tournament Champions and the Regular Season 1st Place Team are automatically signed up for the following season – they need not fall in line, they need only pay the League fees.




a)        The camaraderie and competition in a golf league can be a rewarding experience if each player honorably abides by the rules of golf, exhibits course etiquette, and respects and shares the joy of a "great golf shot" with teammate and opponents.  In this way we can all become better players.


b)        Pace of Play


·         It is extremely important to keep up the pace of play. 

·         Our goal for this league is rounds of 2 hours and 15 minutes or less. 

·         The following are ways to help speed up play:

a)       Line up putts while others are putting out

b)       Putt out – do not mark 3-footers

c)       Gimmies are at the discretion of the opposing match player

d)       (Suggest using “inside putter leather” as an automatic and agreed to before match play begins)

e)       Leave bags or carts on the side of the green closest to the next tee

f)        Cart riders drop off one player at his/her ball, while the driver goes to his/hers.

c)         Not all situations that will arise can be addressed here.  Working together, we will address unknowns at the appropriate time.